Welcome and Welcome! DinetFM is an Internet Radio Station broadcasting live music with 24kbps mono and Online 24 hours a day. Listeners can request the song via this blog and DJ will get the request directly.

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DinetFM Feedback

Assalamualaikum. First of all i would like to thank the organisers and all blog members who support this blog. Everyday we're working hard and do our best to represent for all. So we have decided to get a feedback from our readers or visitors. You can submit your feedback by clicking your mouse to the comment link under this post.

Thanks for your corporation.

iEn (


Rhakateza said...

dinet-fs so nice,

cukup laju dibuka, and its looks OK.

Good work Muncet!

iEn said...

laju?? aarrgh! kenapa sini slow skit :(

adieputra said...

ni blog sapa ien.tapi power betul lah.moga maju ke depan buat semua.good luck wahai member² dinet!

iEn said...



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